about us

join the plant journey: Join us on this amazing journey as we explore different aspects of plants. We will touch on many ways plants are used such as for design, food & medicine, and as products. We will dive deep into the positive effects plants have on one's well being. And we will provide valuable tips on how to keep your plants thriving!

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who we are: 

Robbie, a landscape architect and designer is surrounded by plants daily. Robbie previously worked at a plant nursery in Bend, OR and currently works as a landscape designer. As a vegan, Robbie finds creative ways to incorporate plants into her every day lifestyle. Robbie spends her free time enjoying the outdoors, being surrounded by her houseplants, and learning more about her plants. Robbie believes that plants can be used in a multitude of ways to benefit people and the environment. 

Haley is able to utilize her creative mindset on a daily basis as a marketing manager. With a background in Environmental Science & Sustainability, she has always had a passion for plants, nature and biophilic design. Haley spends her free time interacting with biophilic design in Miami, FL working as an assistant for a Horticulture & Biophilic Designer, planning, designing and implementing ideas for projects such as vertical green walls.

our mission: We aim to create a space that educates on all things plants, focusing on plants as design, plants as food & medicine, and plants as products. Ultimately, the site will dive deep into the benefits that plants provide. 

our Vision: By understanding the benefits that plants provide, individuals will learn best practices on how to take care of and use plants. 

our values: Resourcefulness, sustainability, creativity, nature, & health