Unique Ways to Hang Plants

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

There are many reasons why hanging plants make for the best houseplants in certain spaces and for certain people. If you have limited space for plants, have low light spaces, or have little or no counter or table space, but want to add more plants, then hanging plants will work great for you! Hanging plants will also allow you to put more plants in corners and near windows. Trailing plants are sometimes better for hanging too so that they can continue to hang low.

There are many different ways to hang your plants. Some of the more popular ways include macramé plant holders, wall planters, and hanging baskets. However, there are also many unique ways to hang your plants that you can even make on your own.

Some of these DIY projects include:

hanging pothos

1.Hanging plants with rope or hooks off of an old metal coat rack or clothing rod. You can also hang plants off of your curtain rod to hang plants closer to your windows and ensure they get enough light.

2. Repurpose an old vertical shoe organizer. This is a great idea for a mini DIY green wall in small spaces. Make sure there is some sort of drainage in the pockets, fill them with soil, and place a plant in each pocket.

macramé plant holder

3. Make a succulent ‘picture frame’ to hang on your walls. You’ll need a succulent, a shadow box, a picture frame with back glass panel that can be removed, a hardware cloth, plywood for the back, and soil. Using succulent cuttings to propagate can work better since you can grow them in soil. Make the shadow box, put the cloth in the frame, add the back and then soil. Then, poke holes in the soil, and lastly, place the succulent cuttings in the soil.

4. Make your own terrariums and hang them from hooks in your ceiling. Get a terrarium that has a hole on top that you can attach rope or string through to hang off of a hook.

air plant terrarium

5. Drill in a metal clasp that you can adjust the size of onto a small rectangular piece of wood, attach a hook onto the back of the wood to hang it off of a nail, and then place a mason jar or repurposed jar in the clasp and adjust it to hold the jar tightly. Use the jar as a planter.

6. Get a circular thin wood slab or tree cutting, drill holes on the edge of the slab in three evenly spaced places, and then run rope or leather strong through the holes and attach at the top. Hang from a hook and place pots on the wood slabs.

7. Make DIY propagation stations using test tubes, metal clasps that hold onto the test tubes, and pieces of wood. Attach a hook to the back of the wood to hang on a nail on the wall, drill the metal clasp to the wood and place the test tube in the clasp and tighten to hold it. Place plant cuttings in the test tubes with water and watch your plants propagate.

DIY plant holders

8. Make a plant holder by taking a thin square slab of wood and cutting a 4” circle in the middle to hold a 4” pot. Drill holes in the corners and use rope or leather string tie at the top and hang from a hook.

There are so many more ways to uniquely hang your plants in small spaces or near windows, especially if you don’t have a lot of counter space or window sills. These can all be fun DIY projects that use repurposed materials to make new plant holders.

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