Turn Any Space Into a Personal Jungle

This blog will be quick and to the point, we are talking about the best tall houseplants for your home. These plants will help you feel like you are outdoors or living in a jungle, which I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a jungle home?! Tall houseplants also add great aesthetic to any space and can help fill any empty corner. These plants include:

1. Birds of Paradise, this is a favorite indoor and outdoor tropical plant. Since this is a tropical plant, it does like full sun, moist soil, and humidity. This plant blooms beautiful blue and orange flowers that resemble a bird’s beak. When taken care of, these plants can grow as tall as seven feet indoors.

2. Corn Plants are another great tall indoor plant option. These tall plants add an elegant look to any home and create a tropical feel. These plants can tolerate little light or bright indirect light, and they are relatively low maintenance. They can go some time without watering, and with the right care can grow up to 12 feet tall. They are also great air purifying plants which is always a plus!

Corn Plant
Corn Plant

3. Monsteras are extremely attractive, luscious plants. This is definitely a favorite houseplant option for many plant lovers, however, they do grow quite big and quickly so make sure you have adequate space for them to thrive. Monsteras prefer humid climates with bright indirect light to low-light conditions. They can grow up to eight feet tall and their leaves can grow up to two feet.

Monstera Plant
Monstera Plant

4. Money Trees are another great tall houseplant option. These plants have unique stems that are braided together. These jungle plants like humid climates, bright indirect light and are a great addition to any room, but particularly thrive in bathrooms. With the right care, this plant can reach up to six feet tall.

5. Fiddle Leaf Figs are definitely a favorite among tall houseplants, however, they do require the right care. These plants prefer bright light and like spots near windows, however, they don’t like to be moved too often, so try and keep them in one spot for a while. This trendy plant can grow up to ten feet when cared for correctly.

There are many other great tall houseplants that work great in any space. Tall houseplants can add a unique style to any home and allow empty spaces to be beautified and turned into a jungle-like space!

Fiddle Leaf Fig
Fiddle Leaf Fig

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