Plants That Are Safe For Your Furry Friends

Are you an animal lover and a plant lover? Because some plants can be toxic for animals and can cause harm to them, it is extremely important to make sure you keep non-toxic or pet friendly plants in spaces that your pets can reach. If possible, still try to keep all of your plants out of reach from your pets, just in case. Pet friendly plants will still add great aesthetics to your place, and this way, you won’t have to choose between your two favorite things!

A list of these plants include:

  • Air plants, we all know how much we love air plants, their versatility, and how easy they are to care for, but they are also a great option when wanting to care for your pets and keep them safe as well. These small scale plants are easy to hang or put on shelves, which is important because even though they are non-toxic, pets may find them intriguing and try to nibble on them.

  • Parlor palms are great options for pet lovers who also want to add a tropical feel in their homes. This plant is low maintenance, and it grows in bright indirect to low light spaces. This plant is a great option if you want to add a small tree to your home since they can grow up to 8 feet tall.

  • Prayer plant or Calathea, is a great plant for smaller space, can grow in low light spaces, and can tolerate dryer soil. This plant is one of the easiest plants to grow and care for while also being safe for your pets.

Prayer Plant or Calathea
  • Spider plants are easy-to-grow pet friendly plants. They are also one of the easiest plants to propagate because of their babies that the mother plant produces. They tolerate low light but prefer bright, indirect light and like when their soil dries out in between watering.

  • Moth Orchids are the most common type of orchids and they are safe for pets. This pet friendly plant has been talked about in our previous blogs for being a unique plant that can grow without soil. This plant can work in most spaces, tolerates low, medium and bright light, and typically needs weekly watering.

  • Herbs are a great option because they are so versatile. Herbs add more houseplants to your home while also growing plants you can use for cooking. Some herbs are better than others for pets. Lavender and Oregano are not pet friendly options, however, basil, thyme, and sage are all safe for your pets.

Most herbs are pet friendly plants
  • African violets are another pet friendly houseplant option. They are a popular choice for flowering houseplants, they bloom in low light, and do well in moderate temperatures and average humidity. They also like soil that is moist to dry without over-watering, so water from the bottom. Water on the leaves can cause damage.

  • Boston ferns are a favorite houseplant among people because of their air-purifying qualities. Their leaves tempt pets, but they aren’t toxic to pets. Boston ferns like humid spaces with bright and indirect light.

African Violet
  • Ponytail palms are another great palm option for houseplants and for your pets. This plant prefers drier soil and bright light. This plant will help brighten up any space as well.

  • Lastly, some succulents also make for easy to care for, pet friendly, non-toxic houseplant options. Before purchasing a succulent, it is important to do research since they aren’t all non-toxic for pets. Succulents prefer bright light and drier soil.

Dog with plant

So don’t worry, you can still have your two favorite things under one roof. These aren’t the only houseplant options that will keep your pets safe as well. It can get tricky when you want to add plants to your space but want to also keep your pets safe, so this list can help you keep both!

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