Plants in New Places

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The world is a dynamic place and it is important to constantly adapt in order to fit the needs of the environment and society. With a growing population, there is a demand for more buildings, which often leads to a decrease in nature and ecosystems. The diminishing of natural spaces causes environmental issues as well as societal issues, such as pollution, decrease in air quality, mental health issues, and other deficiencies. There have been several studies that prove the healing aspects of nature, and therefore it is necessary for society to adapt to the changing environment by implementing new architectural designs that better incorporate plants. 

plant design architecture

Typically, parks have been designed as separate amenities from buildings, however, more recently, designers, architects, and planners have been designing parks that are built on or within buildings. The combination of buildings and parks creates a unique space that helps benefit people, the natural environment as well as the built environment.

The solutions: Green Roofs and Green Walls.

Biophilia is the healing aspect of nature, while Biophilic Design is the combination of nature and built environments in order to create a healing environment. Green roofs and green walls have been popping up all over the world as a solution to increasing problems with society and the environment due to population growth. Taking these design concepts can create new, unique, and beautiful spaces for people to enjoy. Plants are being implemented into new places, and we are here for it! 

Chicago City Hall Green Roof
Chicago City Hall Green Roof: Designed to combat the heat island effect

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