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Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Try these simple foods that will help to relieve your inflammation.  We’ve all been bloated at one point or another, and we can all attest to how uncomfortable it can be. So, why not cure your bloating with food! Yes, even if you’re bloated after a big dinner or fiber-filled meal, eating other foods can help. There are two different types of bloating, one caused from water and the other, a gassy bloat. Gas bloating is usually caused by gassy, fibrous food such as beans, cruciferous vegetables, and dairy whereas water bloat could be caused from hormonal changes, salty foods, fizzy beverages, fizzy waters, and dehydration. Water can greatly help with bloating and it is important to drink enough daily to help with not only bloating, but also your digestive system. Here is a list of some foods that can help combat bloating in a natural way:

Fennel is very helpful when combating bloating. When bloated, drink a cup of fennel tea after dinner to help reduce the bloating. Fennel can help combat both water and gas bloating, because the fennel seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve gas. Fennel sliced in salad is also another great way to enjoy this food and combat your bloat.


Avocado is another great food that can help combat bloat. I mean, we don’t need another reason to love avocados, but there’s no denying their benefits. Avocados are healthy fats, nutrient-rich, and low in carbs, which means you can eat well, get many benefits, and relieve your bloat. 


Ginger, as talked about in our blog, Healing Tea, is a traditional herb used for medicinal purposes and to combat different types of illnesses. Ginger helps to improve immune systems, helps with digestive issues, and helps combat bloating since it is anti-inflammatory. Ginger helps to reduce inflammation in your colon which helps food pass easily through your system, which ultimately helps to relieve bloat and gas. Ginger works great in teas, smoothies, and broths! 

sliced ginger

Bananas are a great bloat-relieving food because of the amount of potassium in the fruit. The potassium helps relieve the bloat, and foods rich in potassium help flush out sodium and water in the body. 

Cucumbers are great bloat-combating foods because they contain a lot of water which helps keep you hydrated while also clearing out any water bloat you may have. Cucumbers contain sulfur and silicon which helps you pee more, allowing you to keep the water bloat off. 

cucumbers sliced

Canned pumpkin is another great potassium filled food with a lot of fiber that helps to get things moving in your digestive tract. This helps to relieve bloating and gas in your body. Pumpkin puree can be used in a multitude of ways to enjoy this great, potassium filled food. 

Dark chocolate is a delicious, bloat relieving food that is enjoyable and helpful in keeping things moving in your GI tract. Dark chocolate that is at least 70 percent cacao is a great option for combating bloat, and obviously, there are many great ways to enjoy dark chocolate. 

dark chocolate

Pineapples, a water-filled fruit, is great for your digestive tracts, and helps to relieve bloating by breaking down proteins. Enjoy pineapples in smoothies, fruit salads, and by pairing with other great bloat-diminishing foods. 

Watermelon, clearly full of water, is a tasty and great way to combat your bloating. Watermelon makes for a great snack especially after dinner when you are bloated. 

sliced watermelon

Asparagus is another great vegetable that has anti-bloating properties. Asparagus makes you pee, even if it may smell bad, but this is good for flushing out excess water that helps to relieve any bloat you may have. The good bacteria, prebiotic, in asparagus helps you maintain a healthy digestive system and reduce gas.

There are many other great foods that help relieve bloat whether it be gas bloating or water bloating. Foods that help you pee more can help get rid of the excess water in your body, which helps diminish bloat. Foods that promote a healthy digestive tract can help to relieve gas which gets rid of the discomfort and bloat you can feel.

Some foods to avoid include: legumes, salty foods, apples, dairy,and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and kale. So, if you were to eat these foods, maybe snack on bloat-relieving foods afterwards. 

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