Mosaiculture: Combining Sculptures, Paintings & Horticultural Landscape 

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

​Imagine yourself surrounded by vibrant foliage transformed into enormous, dynamic sculptures that almost seem alive. Eye-catching, breath-taking, jaw-dropping artwork. Mosaiculture astonishes visitors while integrating eco-friendly applications and sustainable practices to demonstrate how critical it is to preserve the natural environment. 

Mosaiculture is a horticultural landscape practice that incorporates life-like sculptures and shapes from plants. This ornamental art uses colorful plants, typically annuals and perennials. Mosaiculture design is often associated with topiary, however it is important to note that they are vastly different techniques. Where topiary is a simple technique that involves pruning already existing shrubs or bushes into different shapes, mosaiculture is more complex. Horticultural knowledge and expertise of plant types and other details are essential for mosaiculture designers.  

Mosaiculture sculpture

Mosaiculture Gardens

Lise Cormier, landscape architect, had an idea to launch an international competition for mosaiculture. In 2000, Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2000 was launched, bringing together an international community while allowing for display of a unique and innovative art. The success of the event allowed for several more international mosaiculture competitions in the following years. 

The Mosaïcultures Internationales sparked inspiration for botanical gardens featuring mosaiculture design, which have now been implemented and visited in areas all over the world. In a symbolic sense, mosaiculture gardens are typically representative of a specific theme, such as presenting aspects of a green city or portraying the city or culture of the area where the exhibit is hosted. This allows visitors to feel a connection to the natural environment as it creates a feeling of familiarity. Mosaiculture gardens are also educational exhibits allowing for a spectacular resource and experience for horticultural connoisseurs. 

mosaiculture bird statues
mosaiculture sculptures Canada
Mosaiculture Dragon Sculptures
Mosaiculture sculptures in Canada
Mosaiculture boat sculpture
Mother Earth plant sculpture

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