Low Light Loving Plants

We’ve all been in a similar situation, craving more plants but lacking enough space or light. Plus, we have all experienced houseplants dying or losing leaves due to inadequate amounts of sunlight. However, there are a number of plants that thrive in low light conditions. Besides buying shade loving plants, you can also use grow lights or rotate your plants often to ensure they all get the necessary sunlight. Buying shade loving and tolerant plants may be your best bet. Here’s a list of some of our favs:

ZZ plant

1. ZZ plants are a semi-succulent plant that makes for a perfect houseplant. This plant does well when left alone or even neglected, so it is ok if you forget to water it or leave for a period of time. ZZ plants thrive in indirect bright light, however, they also do great in low light conditions, making them great for any space.

2. Snake Plants are great houseplants for many reasons, such as improving air quality and being easy to care for. This hardy houseplant will thrive in bright indirect light or low light, darker conditions. This is definitely a favorite houseplant of ours!

3. Pothos are another favorite houseplant that are easy to care for. They prefer bright, indirect light and will tolerate low-light conditions. When their leaves turn pale, this means that your plant may be getting too much light or sun.

4. Calatheas are tropical houseplants that thrive in medium to bright indirect light and can tolerate lower light conditions.Their wide green, colorful leaves help to absorb and use light which allows them to tolerate lower light conditions.

5. Peace Lilies are tropical houseplants that thrive in bright indirect light or partial shade and do not do well at all in direct sunlight. Yellowing leaves is a sign of too much or too strong of light. Some of these plants are even known to grow in dark corners and windowless rooms.


There are so many other great houseplant options that will thrive in your dark corners or low light spaces. We’ve all been in the situation of having a perfect spot for a plant but that spot doesn’t get enough light, well now you can choose from the above list to find your perfect plant for that shady spot!

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