The Dirt on Plants

The Dirt on Plants explores a variety of plant-related topics, specifically focusing on how plants are creatively used for design, for food and medicine purposes, and for products. This site will serve as a space to learn how plants can benefit and provide a variety of functions to humans and the environment. 


Understanding the benefits that plants provide will ultimately demonstrate the importance of properly preserving, nurturing and using plants.

So, here's the dirt on plants!

Dirt on Plants Blog
Plant Design
Plants as food and medicine
Plants as products

Plants as Design educates on different techniques which use plants to enhance a space by connecting natural beauty to the built environment. By adding plants to spaces like buildings and homes, the positive impact on humans and the environment is significant.  


Plants as Food & Medicine focuses on types of plants that are safe for consumption, tasty, and encompass natural healing properties. Both humans and animals greatly depend on plants as a major source of energy, nutrients, and vitamins. 


Plants as Products discusses how plants are incorporated into everyday lives. Products composed of plant material add value through their sustainable and renewable characteristics. Products created from plant material tend to have a less destructive impact on the environment in comparison to mainstream plastic-based items. 

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